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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab ban in Australia, Apple granted stay

The federal court of Australia has overturned the preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s a new twist in Apple Vs Samsung legal proceedings, as the federal court of Australia lifted sales banned on Galaxy Tab.

The unanimous decision made by federal court justices ordered that the ruling made by Justice Annabelle Bennett be overturned, allowing the Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 to be released in Australia, according to Hopewell report.       

Sydney Morning Hearld quoted the judgment:
Samsung will be permitted to launch the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia provided it keeps accounts of all transactions involving that device in Australia.

Samsung’s Australian Subsidiary says “it is pleased with today’s unanimous decision”. Reacting to that Apple plans on appealing to the High court. The federal court also honored Apple’s request that its ruling remain in effect until Friday at 4 pm, to allow the company time to prepare on appeal. March 2012 is set to a full hearing on copycat accusations, which may result in enduring injunction.

Apple is also seeking to ban on Samsung Galaxy 10.1N, it is a revised version with an added metal frame around the edges. Samsung engineered the Galaxy tab 10.1 with two many similarities to Apple’s iPad, after a district court Dusseldorf blocked the sales of it. A hearing in this case is scheduled for December 2012.


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